An important aspect of flow estimation as distinct from flood estimation is the relative importance of the baseflow component of a hydrograph. Whereas the direct runoff component is the most significant component of a hydrograph for flood estimation and the baseflow component is neglected, this is not always the case for general flow estimation. In recent years the need to estimate small flood flows (in-bank floods) has arisen and, therefore, estimation of baseflow needs to be considered within Australian Rainfall and Runoff

This project focuses on the development of appropriate techniques for estimating the baseflow component of a hydrograph. It is expected that both statistical and deterministic approaches be developed to meet the various needs of the industry. This project will result only in preliminary guidance in a form suitable for inclusion in Australian Rainfall and Runoff. It is expected that further developments will occur post this edition of Australian Rainfall and Runoff.

Project Start: Stage 1 2009

Project Finish: Mid 2013

Contractor: SKM

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