At the time that the 1987 Edition of Australian Rainfall and Runoff was prepared, the use and implementation of two-dimensional (2D) models for assessment of flooding in riverine and urban systems was not common and required significant computing power and modelling expertise. Since 1987, the situation has changed considerably with technological advances enabling the implementation of 2D models for flooding assessments. The aim is to develop guidelines for the use of 2D modelling systems in urban environments. It is intended that this project will provide guidance on a number of issues including: There is little guidance, however, about the practical application of 2D models in the 1987 edition of AR&R.

Project Start: Stage 1 2008

Project Finish: Mid 2012 with Integrated Testing to follow

Contractor: Workshop of Experts in Stage 1, minor contracts awarded to UNSW WRL for 2d modelling of flow around buildings

  • Report avaliable for downlaod:Project 15 (Two Dimensional Simulations in Urban Areas) Stage 2 Report
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