What is the AR&R Revision Process?

The updating of ARR is occuring in two concurrent phases:

The ARR Revision projects will be completed in three stages over four years. Twenty one revision projects will be undertaken with the aim of filling knowledge gaps. The 21 projects are to be undertaken in three stages over four years with ten projects commenced in Stage 1. In Stage 2, 19 of the 21 projects will be running. DCC and BoM have provided funding for the first stage and second stages. Funding is still required for stage 3. Steering and Technical Committees have been established to assist the ARR editorial team in guiding the projects to achieve desired outcomes.

Media Release -Stage 1 Funding July 2008

ARR Revision Project Timeline

The outcomes of the projects will assist the ARR editorial team compiling and writing of the chapters of ARR.

Document Update Timeline - Coming Soon!

How the documents and projects relate

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